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м Excusive Desk
лЪ Boardroom
˹ѧ Kid Desk
ӹѡҹ Chair
͡ Cabinet
͹ʧ varied range of storage
ҷ Counter
ἧͧ Partition
ἧ鹵 Desktop Partition
... PVC Colour
Filing Cabinets
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Corner Desk
ӹѡҹ Desk
ҹ˹ѧ Student Desk
Work Station
Media Board
Waiting Room
ʶһԡ Architects
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зӧҹ Exec 03

˹ѧ KID 06

˹ѧ KID 15

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лЪ MT26

Partition on top desk 05



Թյ͹Ѻ䫵ͧ ѷ ʵԹ 䫹 ӡѴ ԵШѴ˹ ӹѡҹ سҾúǧà..

Starinter design Company Limited, in general, may introduce our website to identifying ourselve in "Office Star Office furniture" Brand to anyone who concentated on all office building furniture and home office furniture, information. This information from us on our website demonstrate our products and our services in furniture business.

Commitment from us...

From our beginning in 1990, our family has been committed to the ideal of creating furniture of such impeccable quality that it brings joy not only to the people who own it, but also to the craftsmen who build it and theprofessionals who sell and deliver it.Today,each of us in thecompany is dedicated to earning your confidence and building on this tradition of excellence.

We believe that our web site may be beneficial to you.

Thank you for your inquiry.


Luksana Sarathana

Managing Director, Office Star Office furniture.

Commitment To Quality...

Office Star office furniture for all office building and home office,is located in Bangkok,Thailand. Office star office furniture is the manufacturer of fine quality office building and home office furnishings. In 1990, founder Bandidth Sarathana,committed this company to making office furniture of such impeccable quality that it would give pleasure and satisfaction not only to those people who own it,but also to the craftsmen who produce it.

Each of us at Furniture Industries shares this vision of producing office furniture that will meet your expectations. We are the manufacturer who care about our customers, about the furniture we make,about our environment, our community,and each other.

Business Relationships
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Bedroom Living Dining Kids Home Office Storage & ... You can go through Star Inter Design Co., Ltd. "Office Star" for purchase or go to any furniture that we can make something very similar with some dainty occasional desks and chairs.

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Architect 001
Architect sample shelve 001
Transforming your design ideas into reality. Star Inter Design can bring your furniture concepts to life. We've been manything helping architects, interior designers and outside designers.

Cabin B03
͡ Cabin B03
Թ : ҧշ TOP + 鹻ѺдѺ = պժ͹ ( 2641-2 )
ҵ+Front = մ ( 011-1 )

Size40 x70 x160 cm.,Size40 x80 x160 cm.,Size40 x90 x160 cm.,Size40 x70 x170 cm.,Size40 x80 x170 cm.,Size40 x90 x170 cm.

Com 11
Size 60 x 120 x 75 x 60 cm.on top, Rectangular Student computer Desk, complimentary with 1-over-head printer shelves, keyboard drawer and CPU case storage complete, MDF board , PVC , laminated option.

Exec 04
зӧҹ Exec 04
Size90 x180 x75 cm.,Size50 x100 x75 cm.,Size120 x120 x75 cm, Size50 x47 x65 cm.,Size50 x80 cm, MDFboard, PVC , laminated (Set)

Թ : ҧշ TOP +˹Һҹ = պժ͹ (2641-2 )
+Front = մ ( 011-1 )

Exec 11
зӧҹ Exec 11
Size 70 x 180 x 75 cm., Size 100 x 100 x 75 cm., Executive Office Desk  with 5-drawers, 1-Hanger File and meeting table with Circular Steel Frame legs, MDF board , PVC or Laminated option.

KID 09
˹ѧ KID 09
Size 70 x 120 x 65 cm. Transitional Rectangle table with 2 chairs and 1 bench
MDF board , PVC , laminated 

Թ : ҧշ   = տҷ駵  ( 108 )

KID 11
KID 11
Size 30 x 35 x 60 cm. Transitional Rectangle chair with Straight Legs
MDF board , PVC , laminated 

Թҹ : ҧշ   = ժٷ駵  ( 101 )

Թҹ : ҧշ   = տ  ( 108 )


KID 16
KID 16
Size 30 x 50 x 60 cm. Transitional Rectangle bench with Storage Top Open-up , MDF board , PVC , laminated 

KID cabinet 00
˹ѧ 00
One-stop resource for all things to do with kid excutive office furniture, Office Star Office Furniture also provides an office space planning service to ensure that you make the best use of your kid place by using our office space planning experience. We also advise on you needs while making use of space planning principles to get the best out of your kid area.

Size 35 x 60 x 75 cm. Transitional Rectangle with storage 4-shelves, Easy glide castors and MDF board , PVC , laminated 

Work 01
Work Star 01
Office Star Office Furniture provide you with a functional office furniture solution. if you need more space for employees or private space for your office. We have many choices to create the perfect space for various configurations.

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